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DDoS Protection

Protect websites and applications (games, etc.) against all types of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks!

DDoS Mitigation

DDOSprod scrubs all traffic before reaches your origin server. This way only legitimate network packets arrive at your server.

All mitigation layers can be fully customized by our DDoS experts to suit your purpose.

Website DDoS Protection

The DDoS protection for websites protects any HTTP application and increases its performance and security. It includes layer 7 filterings, static content caching, a WAF (Web Application Firewall) against hackers and supports the latest technology, including HTTP/2, WebSockets and Load Balancing.

You can protect an unlimited number of domains with our DDoS protection for websites. You don’t need to host your site with us to use DDOSPROD’s solutions for threat mitigation. We provide you with a secure IP to point your DNS to instead of the real IP of your server. Traffic is then directed through our DDoS flood defense layers to block the bad DDoS traffic and the web-based HTTP reverse proxy will forward all the clean traffic to your real server where your website is hosted.

Application DDoS Protection

The DDoS protection for applications defends all other online services, such as game servers and email servers against DDoS attacks and turns an unprotected server into DDoS protected hosting. The supported technologies are GRE tunneling, VPN tunneling and NAT forwarding (default).

Our DDoS protection for applications can protect all sorts of game servers and online services from DDoS, such as Minecraft and many more. It can also defend applications from attacks that run on special ports. You do not need to host your game server with us for this type of proxy protection. We provide you a protected IP to use instead of your real server IP and you provide this DDoS-filtered IP to your players to access your game, while keeping your backend server IP a secret so it can’t become the victim of direct DDoS attacks. Traffic is redirected through our DDoS mitigation layers to block the bad packets and then the game based reverse DDoS proxy will forward only the clean traffic to your backend server wherever the game is hosted.

Session Verification Feature

Our website DDoS protection includes special layer 7 filtering that uses several methods to determine if a page request is legit or not. These include but are not limited to:

  • Anomaly Detection in HTTP Requests (HTTP flood)
  • Rate-limiting of Connections
  • Encrypted Cookie Check
  • JavaScript Check
  • IP Reputation Check

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Ddosprod’s high-performance WAF is a